The most attractive skiing destinations in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most popular skiing locations in the Southern Hemisphere. While the earth is warming, the ice in the two poles is melting, in New Zealand, many tourists and locals still come here to have fun with ice and snow.

Usually, the ski locations in New Zealand are not very large. However, the country has policies in place to commercialize them into larger areas or divide them into small ski clubs to serve them. Here are the most attractive ski destinations in New Zealand nowadays.

1. Cardrona

Cardrona is a skiing destination in New Zealand that is open to everyone because of its size and safety. That is also the reason why this place is ranked at number one by FantaSea on its list. It is also one of the largest ski spots in the Kiwi country.

Cardrona is a skiing destination in New Zealand that is open to everyone

Even if you just want to walk the trails or find a quiet, not crowded place, Cardrona has you covered. This ski resort is located quite near the town of Wanaka.

2. Craigieburn

For professionals and passionate about this adventure, Craigieburn is New Zealand’s most challenging skiing destination. Craigieburn is privately owned, so it offers the most authentic Kiwi skiing experience.

3. Treble Cone

As one of New Zealand’s largest skiing locations, Treble Cone is suitable for both experienced and experienced skiers alike. Amateurs will also love the Treble Cone with its slopes and the 6-seater express elevator, so you can ski for many meters at a vertical slope. Treble Cone near Wanaka on South Island.

4. Mt Hutt

Mt Hutt is an ideal place for skiing in New Zealand

Although indigenous people sometimes jokingly call this New Zealand ski site “Mt Shut” (Shut can mean stop, shut up) due to strong winds, Mt Hutt is still the place. has the best snow conditions in the country of Kiwi. Mt Hutt is in the Canterbury region and closest to the town of Methven.

5. Roundhill

A site with beautiful natural landscapes for skiing in New Zealand, Roundhill is located in the famous Lake Tekapo area of ‚Äč‚ÄčCanterbury. This ski rink is suitable for both beginners to experienced skiers. For freestylers, you can use a terrain park.

6. Coronet Peak

Possessing vast snow dunes, Coronet Peak is a not-too-high ski destination with many intersecting slopes that will satisfy from professional skiers to amateurs. Coronet Peak is near Queenstown on the South Island.

Above are the most attractive ski destinations in New Zealand. If you have a chance to visit this beautiful country in winter, try skiing at these attractive destinations!