Recommended places to enjoy skiing in Scotland

While the peak season in Scotland is the summer with many famous tourist attractions and vibrant outdoor activities, winters are becoming more and more popular with visitors. This is because Scotland has mild weather all year round, which means that in the winter, the temperature is not too cold and perfect for tourists to visit or enjoy the nature here.

To help you plan what to do and when to visit during the winter months in Scotland, here are some helpful tips for you.

When does winter in Scotland begin?

Winter in Scotland from December to March (and sometimes April) is a period of time when snow and fog appear all year round.

Discover winter in Scotland

January and February are usually the coldest months, when heavy snowfall in Scotland creates great natural landscapes, and is a time of fun activities with a number of major national events. takes place, like Hogmanay, St Andrew’s Day and Burns Night, the birthday and anniversary of famous national poet Robert Burns.

Visit the city of Glasgow

Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow is another great stop to rest and is a stopover on the way to the Highlands and the islands.

Spend the day exploring interesting museums and galleries at no cost, like the world famous Kelvingrove art gallery. Glasgow Botanic Garden with green houses made from trees and flower gardens with thousands of different types of flowers, is an ideal place for you to check-in, take photos, this place is also free to visit.

Not only that Glasgow is also the best place to shop in Scotland, so do not miss visiting one or two shops on the street to enjoy shopping at extremely affordable prices.

Isle of Skye

According to the ancient Vikings, Isle of Skye means cloud island, but in Gealic there is another way called Eilean Sgiathanach – Wing Island. Each island has its own name, but the most common is Isle Skye.

The beauty of Isle of Skye, the extremely beautiful natural scenery, romantic mountain scenery, primitive caves, beautiful waterfalls … are what you will feel when you come here.

Cairgorm National Park

Cairngorm National Park is a popular stop for winter activities lovers, especially skiing. Laungorm Mountain is home to spectacular views and opportunities for skiing. Laungorm ski area is proud to be home to 30km of ski paths, 10 specialized elevators for you to have fun in the snowy space.

A special feature that you should visit in the mountains is the largest reindeer farm here with more than 150 reindeer mostly grazed on the Laungorm mountain range.