Explore skiing and other exciting winter activities in the top of Mont Blanc (Part 2)

Impressive figures about the Mont Blanc

The first people to discover and set foot on the top of Mont Blanc was on 8 August 1786 were two climbers Jacques Balmat and Michel Gabriel Paccard. These two climbers are honored by this country when they are cast bronze statues in Chamonix – France.

Bronze statues Jacques Balmat and Michel Gabriel Paccard

The bronze statue with a hand outstretched figure points towards Mont Blanc as a guide to first-time visitors!

And then millions of tourists have set foot here and thousands of climbing enthusiasts want to conquer this highest mountain in Europe, the youngest is only 10 years old. The average time to climb the top of Mont Blanc is between 10 and 12 hours, but 5 hours is the fastest time a person has set a record when climbing to the top of Mont Blanc.

Path to conquer the top of Mont Blanc

Perhaps that is why more and more people want to come here and conquer this mountain which is considered the roof of Europe. Every year, it welcomes more than 20 thousand domestic and foreign tourists.

Mont Blanc welcomes more than 20 thousand domestic and foreign tourists every year

What to play to Mont Blanc?

French tourism is growing strongly, people living around Mont Blanc mountain are also developing tourism here. They develop a lot of activities, build tourist facilities to serve visitors to Mont Blanc. This is a very attractive skiing places in Europe with many exciting adventure games and winter sports. Visitors can enjoy adventure skiing, ice climbing, paragliding and many other exciting activities.

Mont Blanc climbing challenge

Conquering Mont Blanc is one of the goals and challenges that many climbers as well as adventurous people set. To be able to conquer this mountain, you should prepare yourself with all the necessary tools.

Mont Blanc climbing challenge

The necessary tools for skiing are climbing sticks, ice-breaking axes, iron hooks, heat-retaining clothing, backpacks, gloves, glasses and other items at the specialty stores in the town of Chamonix conquer the top of Mont Blanc.

Fully prepare equipment to climb Mont Blanc

You can also experience the famous walking route here that starts at Nid d’Aigle station, allowing you to admire the grandeur and grandeur of the top of Mont Blanc. However, you should join this tour with your tour guides to ensure safety.

A lower altitude experience that you can try is to walk along a 170-meter-long road surrounding Mont Blanc, across three countries, France, Switzerland and Italy, with an altitude of about 2,700 meters. This walking tour will last 8 to 12 days on average so you need to be in good health and the essentials for the trip are safe and secure!