Tips to ski on Skiing Powder

Your core position is vital when skiing powder. Always engage your lower body to make turns, using it from the pelvis to your knees to your ankles. The angle of your curves during turns is also important. Aim at achieving smooth curves rather than jagged corners in order to decrease the resistance between your skis and the snow surface. Always stay within your fall line and do not move in zigzag motions outside the fall line.

Your pole movement has better be in a smooth rhythm to maintain an acceptable speed and balance when turning on snow. Always swing your poles in anticipation of the next movement rather than waiting until you complete the turn, as this will only impact your speed. Try to balance how you weight and unweight your skis by keeping your core engaged, and maintaining the body position and motions while taking a turn. Try to rise on your knees and incline your body in readiness to get ready for the next turn.

Your ski movement when turning should be smoothly coordinated, with the legs and feet coordinate to turn in the same direction. Do not be afraid of bumps, but approach them with ease. Bumps are great when turning, as they help you unweight your skis and increase your momentum for the next turn.

Handling a fall in powder skiing is an essential skill every skier needs to have. Not only are you expected to fall a few times in powder, but it is not as simple to stand up as it is on groomed snow. When you fall in powder, the first thing you need to do right away is get your orientation right. Be aware of where the mountain slopes are then cross your poles into a big X shape, and plant them into the ground. Holding onto the point of intersection for support, then push yourself back on your feet, and you are ready to get another try going down the slope.