The world ski champion Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin and his pitiful death (Part 1)

The sports world is mourning the sudden death of world ski champion Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin. He died at the age of 32 after the body was found on the ocean floor.

Two weeks ago, on his personal page, the world ski champion eagerly shared with his fans about the experience of diving to hunt for fish in the ocean in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. “An unbelievable day in the ocean, the whales singing and walking around us. A great outing with everyone, for days filled with fish ”. A lot of likes are for Pullin’s share, but no one would have thought it was the 32-year-old’s last trip.

Pitiful death

On July 8, Pullin was found unresponsive and lost consciousness on the ocean floor while sailing to snorkel for fishing. The accident occurred at 10:30 am (local time). Pullin was found by a scuba diver in an unresponsive state, next to an artificial reef. This person called for help from nearby surfers to try to pull Pullin up on the water.

Upon receiving the news, the beach rescue team used a canoe to Pullin’s location and pulled him to the shore. Rescuers performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation for 45 minutes, but Pullin was unable to regain consciousness.

Police confirmed Pullin had used an oxygen tank, a hip strap to maintain balance during scuba diving, and no sign of injury. For a person with good physique and physical strength like Pullin, his death at age 32 was really a shock.

Experts say Pullin may have suffered from shallow water unconsciousness. This is a state of unconsciousness due to lack of oxygen to the brain from holding its breath in water for too long. It is unclear how long Pullin was underwater before being spotted by divers.

The Australian Medical Journal says shallow water unconsciousness can affect anyone, regardless of how well they are. The world’s leading expert on shallow water unconsciousness – Dr. Tom Griffiths said it can happen at any depth. He also believes this is the most deadly cause of diving.