Skiing Powder Vs Groomed: What All Skiers Need To Know (Part 2)

Powder snow is the sweetest snow for skiing enthusiasts which is freshly naturally fallen, accumulated snow that has not been tampered with. It is soft and attracting you to float over it in pure bliss.

In this article, we share some tips on achieving the best powder skiing experience:

Posture, Balance, and Weight Distribution
Concentrate on weight distribution and your body posture. You need to make sure that your ankles are flexed, and your shins touch the front of your boots so that you guide your skis through the soft snow, and you won’t get thrown off course.
Narrow your stance- Different from skiing on groomed snow, powder skiing need a narrower stance for a smooth ride.
Keep the weight distributed even on your skis- You will need to stay soft and flex while skiing on powder so that you can adjust your body accordingly as you go through the motions. In order to maintain your stance/ posture, there are some helpful tips as follow:
Keep your eyes to familiar yourself with the terrain ahead as it helps you better manage your motions as skiing down the hill.
Keep your feet close together, while ensuring the skis do not touch each other

Keep your hands downwards and spread out at least 6 inches apart your shoulders. This position helps minimize your possibility of falling even when speeding.

Turning in Powder
Off-piste skiing has more turns than corduroy. Speed is important when powder skiing, and you should remember this when approaching a turn. Maintain your speed, hand position and do not slow down when you are about to turn. Changing the position of your hands will affect your core, which should always be engaged while skiing powder. Make sure only the wrists pull your pole out of the snow to avoid affecting your turns.