How to Look Like a Pro Skier Even When You’re a Complete Beginner (Part 1)

Heading to the slopes for your first ever ski holiday? Lucky you. You’re about to be exposed to the world’s most exciting sports, in one of its most attractive environments. Yes, okay, you’re also going to withdraw a huge amount of money from your bank account, and bore your non-skiing friends completely for weeks doing the sport. But it’s absolutely worth it. Winter will never be the same with skiing, it’s so much better.

Being a complete beginner in a place where everyone else seems to to be all pros is intimidating and you don’t want to make things more complicated than it actually is by committing the most common mistake.

You need to bring equipment and clothing such as a pair of white Salomon rear-entry boots or a pair of robins… which should get you to a great start.

Here are some of the most common dos and don’ts on the slopes that you should know:

Get The Jacket Right

Wear a real ski jacket match with your ski pants is better than a shooting jacket, sailing jacket, or anything else that isn’t typically designed for winter sports. Don’t wear onesies unless you’re under 25, no jackets and pants in gold or silver, or patterns that too colorful. In fact any outfit which catches too much attention is probably not a good idea when you’re a newbie. After all, everyone’s going to look at you…and see if you’re skiing or doing a snowplough.

…And Remember to Zip It Up Properly
You should also not leave your jacket flapping in the breeze which is similar to screaming “I’m a complete beginner” as you will get snow down your trousers and all of your top, and the jacket will get in the way as you ski or being caught on a lift. Also, don’t roll up your sleeves, you don’t want to be too awkward.