How Long Does it Take to Get ‘Good’ at Skiing? (Part 1)

It’s a good question often asked by beginners. And the answer is “it depends” as there is no exact or even short way to estimate how long it takes to master a certain “good” level, furthermore, it is hard to define what a ‘good’ level of skiing is.

With different people, the progressing is different, and the definition of ‘good’ differing from one person to the other, we can’t give you a direct answer but we can offer you some information that assist you to draw your own conclusions.

What is a ‘good’ level of skiing?

For some people, a good level of skiing is being able to control your speed and link snowplough turns, which might require beginners to take a basic course to mater. Although it is not guaranteed.

In case you consider a ‘good’ level of skiing is being able to venture down an advanced steep on the mountain, you will need to follow an advanced course to master those skills through practice and appropriate application. In terms of how long this will take, at the very least you’ll need to complete 20 Hour Lessons and a couple of free-time practicing what you’ve learnt. Remember it’s only an estimation; how fast people advance and build confidence differ dramatically from person to person.

How long before you’re ready to ski in the mountain?

If you’re a first time learner, planning to head straight to the mountains without taking any lesson before you go, it’s almost impossible for you to ski anything steeper than a green run. In most places you’ll find the level of ski runs categories by colour, such as green for the easiest runs, blue or red for higher level (intermediate) and then black for the most difficult runs which is recommended for advanced skiers only