Female skier who lost half of her body still became a talented pilot

Although the accident caused Janine Shepherd to lose her legs, the strong will to live from the depths of her personality helped her overcome everything, and then from a potential skier ability to become a talented female pilot.

Even Janine Shepherd was the first and youngest woman on the leadership of the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Agency.

Unexpected accident

Janine Shepherd was born in 1962 in Dural, New South Wales, Australia. From a young age, Janine Shepherd was passionate about skiing as an athlete and won numerous medals and national awards at the age of 10. Despite having talent in many sports, but because she loves skiing and has been skiing across the country.

At the time, Janine Shepherd was one of the best long-distance skiers in the world. She is training in preparation for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary (Canada) – where she hopes to win her first winter medal for Australia.

However, it seems that the dream of skating seems to have completely collapsed. Janine Shepherd’s life may have ended when she suddenly had an accident in 1986.

Immediately taken to the hospital, but now, Janine’s neck and back were broken in six different places. Her right arm, blue collarbone, and five ribs were broken.

Her head was also torn apart and the skull was clearly visible just by lifting it up. The foot is the most severely injured. She also faced multiple internal injuries and lost up to 5 liters of blood, while the average human blood volume is close to 6.

After that, Janine had to undergo intensive treatment for 10 days, then stayed in the hospital for the next 6 months. Even six months later, when she was lucky to survive and was discharged from the hospital in a wheelchair, doctors still said she would not be able to walk or have a normal human child. Initially, Janine Shepherd learned to push a wheelchair around on her own, clinging to objects.

Within 12 months of her first flight, she earned her pilot’s license

Life turns in another direction

Within 12 months of her first flight, she earned her pilot’s license. Janine became the first and youngest woman on the leadership of Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Agency – something not everyone can do.

Janine’s life is finally back to normal. Contrary to the expectation of the doctor, she got married and had 3 children like many other women. However, Janine does not stop there, to motivate millions of others around the world.