Explore the top 5 best ski areas in the world nowadays (Part 2)

Vail ski area – USA

Vail is located in Colorado, known as the famous and largest ski area in North America. It possesses very good sliding terrain, serving a variety of subjects from beginners to professional players.

Vail is the largest ski area in North America

Also, Vail also has a leading ski school with a team of professional instructors. If you do not know anything about skiing, do not hesitate to hire a dedicated instructor to help you experience this wonderful sport.

Courchevel ski resort – France

Courchevel is an expensive ski resort combined with a very high rating in the European region. The tourists coming here are all high-class figures such as Beckhams, Kate Middleton, Prince William…

At Courchevel there are many good slides, the cable car system works all day to help you easily. Move back and forth between the ski area and the getaway. 5-star resort with luxurious services will give you a dream vacation.

The Turin International Airport is about 85km east of the Courchevel ski resort. You can fly directly from Vietnam to here and contact the ski area for a pickup. Courchevel is open to visitors from 6:00 a.m. until 3:00 a.m. the next morning. If you come too early, you should take advantage of a cup of coffee at a certain 24-hour water shop in town to warm people and be more alert for exciting experiences to come.

Chamonix ski area – France

Chamonix is ​​known as the capital of French skiers. Because every winter comes, the number of tourists coming here to ski more than the locals. This is also the host of the first winter Olympics in the world – 1924.

It is also the ski area with the highest cable car system up to the top of Aiguille du Midi. If you are a professional skier and like thrills, this is a destination not to be missed when having the opportunity to come to France.

Chamonix ski area is located in a city of the same name at the junction of France, Switzerland, and Italy. The fare from the town center to the ski area falls in the 24 Euro range. You can choose to relax at a cozy hotel in town in the evening and then move to the ski area during the day.

Above are 5 suggestions for great ski resorts for your winter this year. Please try once to experience and share your comments with us in the comments section below.