Explore skiing and other exciting winter activities in the top of Mont Blanc (Part 1)

If you are one of those passionate about extreme sports, you must not miss Mont Blanc when coming to France. This is considered the highest mountain and is known as the roof of Europe.

France is one of the countries attracting the most foreign tourists to travel in the world. This place is famous for many attractive tourist destinations. One of them that you must not miss is Mont Blanc mountain – an extremely attractive destination for mountain climbing enthusiasts.

Explore the top of Mont Blanc – the roof of Europe

Mont Blanc in the town of Chamonix is ​​more than 600 km from Paris. This is known as the capital of climbers.

Chamonix Valley, France

The name Mont Blanc in French or Monte Bianco in Italian also means white mountain. The reason for this mountain peak is so named because it is covered in snow all year round. Mount Mont Blanc is a mountain in the Alps with temperatures down to – 40 degrees Celsius atop the mountain.

Mont Blanc Peak belongs to the Mont Blanc range, located on the border between the Haute Savoie province of France and the Italian Aoste valley. To be able to explore this mountain, you can completely go to either place at Chamonix in France or Courmayeur in Italy.

Experience Mont Blanc by bus

Mont Blanc reaches 4,808 meters high. If excluding the Caucasus region, Mount Mont Blanc is considered the highest peak in Europe. Mont Blanc is considered the roof of Europe for that reason.

However, Mont Blanc has one feature and this is also considered one of the interesting points of France that the elevation of this mountain can be changed under the annual climate change. Mont Blanc mountain peak was also shifted 70 cm northwest due to changes in the earth’s crust.