10 great places to enjoy skiing and winter activities in the UK (Part 3)

In this part, let’s finish the list of recommended places to enjoy skiing and winter sports in the UK!

 7. The Lake District

Lake District National Park in Cumbria is always worth a visit to take a walk and enjoy the views Spectacular scenery. Keep in mind, however, that even on a clear day, the weather can change dramatically, so wear warm clothes, sturdy shoes or booths that are waterproof – even Even if you’re not planning on camping overnight!

8. Nottingham

Another great place to ski is the Wollaton Hall and Park area in Nottingham. Located on a hill, this Elizabethan castle and its campus often hold concerts, sporting events, and food and fine arts markets in December.

9. Warwickshire

You can spend the whole day exploring historic towns and villages in Warwickshire at the West Midlands. Visit the Coventry Cathedral with medieval architecture, for example, the ruins of Kenilwoth and the 18th-century Compton Verney House, which has now become an art museum.

Naturally, Shakespeare fans all want to visit the home of this great man, Stratford-upon-Avon, to see a play while escaping from the freezing cold outside – or just to see where they live. of this playwright. Ae Hathaway’s Cottage, right below, is the home of William Shakespeare’s wife and is said to be the place where the two began their love.

10. Cardiff

In Cardiff, Wales, city parks are a great place to practice snowballing. If you want to get involved in more activities, head to the ice rink and game area in Winter Wonderland. Open until January 5, the amusement park has an ‘Alpine village’ with Swiss chalets, live music and lots of warm food and drinks.

Above are 10 great places that we highly recommend to enjoy winter activities in the UK. Hopefully, the information is helpful for you. We hope you will have a great winter trip in the UK!