10 great destinations to enjoy skiing in the UK (Part 2)

In this part, we will recommend you three more great destinations to enjoy skiing in the UK. Let’s check out!

3. London

London may not look as wild and snow-covered as it is in rural UK, but enjoying the transformation of the city this season is a very special thing worth catching. The noisy capital suddenly became quiet and quiet – then it became hilarious when everyone stopped to make a snowman on the way to work!

To get the most out of a snowy day, head to one of London’s parks – try stopping at Hampstead Heath if you want a spacious and secluded place, Primrose Hill if you want a sweeping view of the city. , Hyde Park to take part in the festive games at Winter Wonderland (read more about Christmas markets in the UK) or Richmond Park to enter the open space and lively deer.

4. Tyne and Wear

In Newcastle and Gateshead cities, the annual Winter Festival (from December 10-14) will host all the popular party activities – skating, Christmas markets, lantern parades, plays pantomime – an English style musical.

The highlight here, Enchanted Parks, will be an exciting evening experience at Gateshead’s Saltwell Park. This is a complex with visual arts (light arts), light installation and art performances. If you’re lucky enough, you may encounter a light snowstorm, and thus the scenery will look even more magical.

5. Box Hill, Surrey

One of the best places to play sleigh in the south east of England is the Box Hill area in North Downs, the hillside stretching from Farnham in Surrey to the famous white cliffs of White Cliffs of Nover in Kent. Come with a group of friends, buy some cheap sleds and start skating or skiing! And you just need to save some energy to walk up the hill again.